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Core Training

Arising from the need for our high quality

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Core Training

Arising from the need for our high quality and relevant training products, our institution has adopted the following core training areas:

- Aviation Management
- Management and Administration
- Financial Management, Auditing and Accountability
- Project Management
- Computers and Information Technology Environment
- Human Resource Management & Planning
- Rural, Agriculture and Environment
- Gender and Participatory Management
- Logistics and Supply Chain Management
- Health Programme
- Non-classified Programmes Listing
- Research and Development
- Disaster Management

On this basis,AIAT collaborates with its clients in delivering courses that seek to address the above areas. At AIAT we continue to identify and respond to our clients' needs through on-going situational analysis.Plans are under-way to introduce distance-learning degrees and postgraduate qualifications with leading international universities and other institutions of higher learning in the USA, Canada and U.K

Recognizing that to work with the best we must be the best, we actively encourage professional excellence and knowledge management. This is why continuous learning and skills improvement are ingrained in our company culture. And as part of our commitment to encourage corporate social responsibility, AFRICA INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED TRAINING also supports its staff in a wide range of humanitarian endeavours.

Your development is vital in contributing towards the company's future success and fulfilling your own aspirations. With our well-established mentoring programme you'll receive continuing support from a senior colleague who will take a close interest in your development. You'll also be able to attend a variety of training courses, and where institutions require a structured training programme for chartered status we will support this. As your career develops, our scope of activities means we can offer you the opportunity to advance within the discipline of your choice.