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Why Choose AIAT?

Africa Institute of Advance Training (AIAT) is one of the leading educational Institutions in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Pacific with business interest in:

-  Training Solutions

-  Human Resource Development

-  Mentoring

-  Coaching

-  Strategic Management Solutions

-  Management Consultancy

-  Research

Africa Institute of Advance Training (AIAT) was founded in 2012. Therefore having been in existence for over 9 years, with staff of 12 (full time) and more than 30 part time consultants, we have pioneered breakthroughs, broadened our enterprise and stayed at the forefront in every phase of the educational rise to development.

AIAT being an internationally recognized centre for human resource development and also with the advantage of locating our self strategically in multiple locations in Africa, We offer training programs and consultancy services to government department, Parastatals, project and private corporate bodies on all aspects of Human Resources Management Skills and leadership Development.

AIAT’s place in Africa as an educational institution has established its cornerstone an excellent educational portfolio solid educational leader’s position, formidable management team and a vision of leading clients to global Competitiveness and making life better through proper human resources development.

As an organization that relies on quality delivery in our services, we are accredited with renowned educational organization and are still striving to be affiliated to the world’s leading institutions.

Our Core Courses

Knowing us:

The institution currently with multiple training establishments, cater for the demand of the market and offer highly specialized courses to suit the varying needs of its clients, both on local or international levels.

The courses we train on in the institute are unceasingly elevated and transformed to meet with the proliferating changes in the management and human resource breakthrough in today’s competitive edge. We boast latest education technology to serve clients of different needs and levels. Thus, we are proud to say that we are one of the pioneering institutes in human resources development sphere on the continent. In short we focus on providing short and mid-term training services for governments, private sectors and for individuals.

Till date our institution is hailed to be one of the most reliable in the industry, supported by our continuous partnerships with multinational companies and institutions that have since proved quality.

What does AIAT do?

The Core Mission of AIAT is to Enable Performance through Sustainable Development and Improved capabilities in Human Resource within Organizations, thus enriching our customers’ lives, career and their organizations’ overall performances.

In today’s dynamic and competitive training industry, learning is vital to corporate growth and resilience. The faster your leaning programs empower employees, customers and partner with relevant skills, knowledge and competence, the faster you achieve and grow.

But enterprise learning is increasingly complex and difficult to manage. No one can afford missteps-especially when budgets are tight and global initiatives are at stake. AIAT’s prominent activity is centered towards ensuring that learning organizations and its learning individuals (participants) drive business and organizational transformation to its very peak.

Our Client’s learning pioneers. For example, we serve and train executives, managers, officers and employees from key department across Africa and training delivery is further realized through increase collaboration with several organizations in the world over.


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