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Depending on which of our trainings you choose, your options for training service delivery include the following:

    in a Training Institute classroom, for either a single student or an entire team!
    host a workshop - we come to you at your convenience!
    web-based – independent study in our Learning Management System (LMS)
    self-paced - independent study offline
    Instructor Certification - Train your own instructor and conduct your own courses
    Continuing Education Credits/Hours - Train your own instructor and conduct your own courses

How To Get Started

Browse the Training Catalog to find the type of training you need.

Search the Training Catalog to find the training you are looking for.

Log into the online Learning Center (Web-Based Training WBT) (Coming Soon)

Classroom Training at Service Alternatives
The Service Alternatives Training Institute maintains classrooms around the Southern Part of Africa. with training schedules to meet your needs. Trainings are typically scheduled regionally based on demand. To attend a training at Service Alternatives, follow these instructions:

    Find the training which meets your needs.
    Review the schedule for that training and choose a scheduled date and location.
    Register now for that scheduled training.
    Once registered, you will receive a registration confirmation which will provide you with the training location and schedule details.

Note: Pre-registration is required for all SA trainings. There are no on-site registrations. Pre-registration ensures that you don't waste a trip by traveling to a training which may already be full, cancelled, relocated or rescheduled.

Tip: If you don't see a training scheduled near you, please contact us with your need. We will be able to advise you of the next scheduled training in your region, schedule a training based on demand or serve you directly with an onsite training.

Host an Onsite Training

Have a whole group to train? Easy! We’ll come to you! Just name the time and place and we’ll conduct a workshop at your location. Our Training Specialists regularly travel to deliver customized trainings for groups like yours. Since many of our solutions are team-based it just makes sense to have your whole team attend together.

The best way to get started is to pick your preferred dates and contact us for scheduling. Since you pay for the cost of the trainer travel, you will be paired with the closest trainer available who has the expertise you need. Remember that pre-workshop consultation with the trainer is included at no charge to ensure you get the most out of the training experience!

Web-based Training
Coming soon!

Complete training online in our new Learning Management System. This option will allow you to complete training anytime from the comfort of your computer.
Independent Study

Some trainings allow for independent study, particularly for the purpose of completing practicum hours. Review the training details for the independent study options.
Instructor Certification Courses

DIY Do It Yourself- train your own trainer. License your agency and train your own staff as a Certified Instructor. This is the most cost effective model for long-term training of staff within your agency.

    Conduct unlimited workshops for your staff
    Effective integration and reinforcement of procedures
    Include your agency policies & standards
    Have an &lsqoute;expert&rsquote; on staff ready for facilitation
    Effective way to manage your liabilities
    Earn extra money by hosting external attendees (depends on curriculum)